It’s all in the details.

What details do I need to provide at time of booking?

We will require all pertinent flight information including: Airline, flight number, departure and arrival times, number of people travelling, address and phone number, as well as a valid credit card.

How will my booking be confirmed?

Airlink staff will call the day before your departure to confirm dates and pickup times. If you have not gotten a call, please call the office to ensure proper dates.

Can I request a specific car or driver?

Yes, we will be happy to accommodate requests for specific cars or drivers dependant on availability. Please inform Airlink staff of your request at time of booking.

How much luggage am I allowed?

Each passenger is allowed one carry-on plus two regular bags. All other irregular pieces (bikes, golf clubs, snowboards, strollers, etc), must be pre-booked and may be charged according to size. Please be sure to inform us of additional luggage at time of booking.

Are child car seats and booster seats available?

Due to safety and hygiene issues, Airlink cannot provide you with car seats or booster seats.  We encourage you to make use of your own, and we are pleased to store them at our facility while you are away.  Please inform Airlink staff of your request at time of booking.

Will I be able to travel with my pets?

Yes, however all pets require private service. Please inform Airlink staff of any pet details at time of booking.

Is smoking or the consumption of alcohol permitted in cars? 

No, the consumption of alcohol or smoking is not permitted.

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